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Garden Center + Greenhouse


garden center + greenhouse

We purchased 3201 Cherokee Street in the winter of 2014, and spent about six months rehabbing the existing building and lot to become our dream space. Along with our garden and floral studio, we have both indoor and outdoor retail spaces that change seasonally and expand each year, growing and flourishing with us.

Photo by Virginia Harold

Photo by Virginia Harold

outdoor garden center

Our outdoor nursery is constantly changing and evolving with the seasons, as well as expanding year to year! 

In spring and summer you will find our backyard filled with vegetable, fruit and herb starts, including all of your tried and true favorites to weird varieties you've never heard of. We have a growing selection of annuals and perennials, from flowering varieties like echinacea, foxglove and poppies, to hardy sedums and milkweed.

Mums, ornamental cabbage and kale and heirloom variety pumpkins brighten up our outdoor space in fall, and we bring the cheer with our very own tree lot every holiday season.

Photo by Cindy Lee

Photo by Cindy Lee


Our greenhouse is an extraordinary space filled with all manner of greenery and blooms. Inside are cacti and succulents in all shapes and sizes, mounted staghorn fern, tillandsias, marimo balls and seasonal varieties, as well as ceramic and wood planters made by local artists and craftspeople.

We have a terrarium-making station with sands, mosses, shells, gems and figurines all at your disposal, and glass containers big and small. With such a huge variety in types and styles, there's a terrarium to fit any environment.

Find out more about all the terrarium varieties available at the shop, and proper care here.