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$25 Monthly Subscription Box

$25 Monthly Subscription Box

from 75.00

Give and receive a monthly assortment of all our favorite Flowers & Weeds treasures. With our new subscription service, a box of $25 worth of goodies will be delivered once a month for up to one year.

Each box may include:

-pieces from our favorite vendors, like local makers Marija Lasjic ceramics, Goyle candles, or Lady Von Black taxidermy;

-weird and wonderful plants and greenery

-watering cans, misters and other plant care items

-crystals, jewelry, other shiny knick knacks from around the shop!

Delivered promptly each month, every box will be unique, unusual and growing!

The example pictured includes one Goyle mini candle, a glittering chunk of Tourmaline, and succulent potted in one of our gold ceramic pots.

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