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$75 Monthly Subscription Box

$75 Monthly Subscription Box

from 225.00

Give and receive a monthly assortment of all our favorite Flowers & Weeds treasures. With our new subscription service, a box of $75 worth of goodies will be delivered once a month for up to one year.

Each box may include:

-pieces from our favorite vendors, like local makers Marija Lasjic ceramics, Goyle candles, or Lady Von Black taxidermy;

-weird and wonderful plants and greenery

-watering cans, misters and other plant care items

-crystals, jewelry, other shiny knick knacks from around the shop!

Delivered promptly each month, every box will be unique, unusual and growing!

The example pictured includes one Goyle candle, glass plant mister, mini kokedama fern, Marija Lasjic bud vase, dried flowers from our garden, a chunk of green calcinite, a large Tillandsia (air plant) and brass frog.

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